Basic Service

  • Mowing:  Prior to mowing, the turf areas will be policed for trash, tree limbs or obstructions.  Turf will be completely and evenly mowed at a height most suitable for the species and the site’s specific needs.  In areas we cannot reach with a lawn mower, we will string trim the turf to the height of adjacent turf.  We do not bag grass clippings.  Turf grass research shows that by using proper mowers, it is better to return clippings to the turf for nutritional replenishment.  This process is called grass cycling and it is a tremendous help to our environment. 

  • Edging:  We will edge concrete borders such as walkways, curbs and driveways each mowing during the season with a mechanical steel blade edger.  Bed lines that have been established by a vertical trench method will be edged as needed during the growing season.

  • Weeding: Shrub beds, natural areas with mulch and ground cover areas will be weeded on every visit during the year.  We use Round-Up herbicide on any weed that we can safely reach without injury to ornamental plants.  We hand pull weeds within the canopy of shrubs or ground covers.  We use selective herbicide for persistent perennial weeds and grass control as needed.  Your bed areas should remain 95% weed free.  There will always be some weeds present in a fertile growing environment.  Our intention is to always control weeds with no injure to shrubs, ground covers or trees.

  • Shrub Care:  It is important to remember that pruning plants is a process, not an event.  There is no one-day of the year that all the plants are pruned.  Specific pruning needs will be discussed and planned for future reference 

  • Trash Removal:  We remove all plant-pruning materials from your site.  We also police trash on site.  We utilize mulching type lawn mowers to process leaves and pine straw from trees on your site.  Fall leaves will be collected and removed when needed or blown away from area when and where available to do so.

  • Clean Up:  All concrete surfaces, patios, decks and parking areas will be blown clean of debris from the landscape maintenance process.  This process will include the edges of streets in some applications.

  • Scheduling: We will prepare a schedule of tentative visit dates each month based on the contract you sign.  We try to keep the day of the week consistent after start up.  However, flexibility is needed due to weather, holidays, and weekends. 

Additional Services 

  • Weed Control and Fertilization:  Our program is designed to maintain a healthy, turf-type tall fescue lawn free of most broadleaf weeds and undesirable grass species.  It consists of:

                     –Treatment 1: Pre-emergent crabgrass control, post-emergent broadleaf weed control and early spring fertilizer with iron
                     –Treatment 2: Pre-emergent crabgrass control, post-emergent broadleaf weed control and spring fertilizer with iron
                     –Treatment 3: Late spring fertilizer with slow release nutrients and broadleaf control
                     –Treatment 4: Fall fertilizer with high phosphorus to promote healthy plants and new seedling development.  The type of      

                                               fertilization  will depend upon over-seeding.
                     –Treatment 5: Late fall fertilizer to promote cold weather tolerance and healthy spring green up.  Broadleaf weed control also applied.

             ** Herbicides are used at label rates and applied with techniques tested by the cooperative extension service.  The first season we apply

                  herbicide to your lawn, we WILL NOT have a completely weed free lawn, but you will notices a significant decrease in the weed

                  competition in your lawn.  It will be a combination of the entire landscape management program that will truly improve the look of your


  • Fall Lawn Rejuvenation: In Northern Virginia, late-August through October is the best time of the year to rejuvenate a turf type tall fescue lawn.  Our Lawn Rejuvenation Program is a three-step process consisting of Core Aeration, Overseeding, and Fertilization 

             – We begin your Lawn Rejuvenation by mowing your lawn shorter than usual and flagging your irrigation system to avoid damage.

            – We aerate your lawn with a core aerator to improve soil air and nutrient content and improve compaction.  Next, we overseed your lawn

               with turf type tall fescue seed applied at a rate of 6 pounds of seed per 1,000 square feet of turf.  Lastly, we fertilize your lawn with a starter

               fertilizer compound specifically designed for fescue lawn rejuvenation. 

  • Lime Application:  Lime applications are recommended for soil that is more acidic than the desired pH of a lawn soil. 

         – We offer soil testing to identify the pH of your lawn and to determine the need for lime application.  The recommended rate of lime

            application is based on the current soil pH level.

        – In cases of acidic soil, a proper lime application can help promote healthy turf growth.

  • Mulch:   Adding hardwood mulch to your landscape benefits shrub beds by helping to retain moisture, control weeds, prevent erosion, protect from temperature extremes and to improve the appearance of your bed areas and is critical to the overall success of our complete maintenance program.  Our mulch is free of sticks, pinecones and debris.  Mulch must be replenished a minimum of one time per year, depending on your property’s conditions.  The fee quoted for mulch will include the following:

                   •Delivery of mulch
                   •Establishment of a vertical trench to define the bed area
                   •Installation of mulch
                   •Removal of mulch from foliage of plants
                   •Clean up of all debris from installation process
                   •Proper disposal of debris
                   •Blowing of concrete surfaces and turf areas to clear debris

  • Integrated Pest Management:  Mowing frequency, mowing height, fertilization and irrigation affect pest control.  Managing these separate cultural practices is called the process of Integrated Pest Management (IPM).  IPM is followed by Cutting Edge Lawncare Services, LLC. to minimize the amount of pesticides used in your landscape and adhere to sound horticultural maintenance practices to keep your lawn healthy and growing.  We will monitor your lawn for problems or changes in its appearance.  If a problem is detected, we will contact you will a plan of action. 

  • Floriculture:  Seasonal color beds are used to draw attention to entry ways of property, highlight sign areas or enhance views through the landscape.  We will design a planting that works well in your property’s conditions. 

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